Guided Meditation for healing the body

Guided Meditation for healing the body

Achieving serenity and a connection to your higher self in this fast-paced world isn’t easy, but meditation techniques can help. Daily meditation has been shown to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Despite its many benefits, a lot of people feel overwhelmed at the thought of learning how to meditate.

Guided meditation for healing the body, is meditating under the guidance of a trained practitioner or teacher, either in person or by recordings presented on apps, podcasts, videos, CDs, etc. 

It is undoubtedly one of the simplest and easiest ways to put you in a meditative mood.

Guided meditations are more powerful than traditional meditations as it incites your visual imagination power and helps you achieve a state of deep relaxation.

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Best Meditation equipment

Meditation is all about focus, so comfort is incredibly important. Just like you need a comfortable, cushioned bed for deep sleep, the meditation props can make all the difference when it comes to your sitting posture.

So, to help you out, we have listed some of the best products available to support your practice. Take a look:

1. Lotuscrafts Zabuton Meditation Mat

Made from organic cotton, it allows you a more comfortable sitting position and, thus, more intensive meditation. As it is filled with multiple layers of cotton fleece, this mat stands out due to its good dimensional stability and rollability. 

The meditation mat protects the knees, feet, and ankles during meditation, so there is stress reduction during intensive meditation practice. 

The GOTS seal of the meditation cushion mat guarantees that the best materials are used and they are produced under fair and safe working conditions. 

The machine washability of this mat is quite convenient. You can combine it up with a meditation cushion for better posture alignment and support. Whether for beginners or more advanced, these mats are beneficial to all. 

2. Folkulture Meditation Round Yoga Mat

Made of pure 100% handloom cotton fabric, this super versatile and large Indian mandala yoga mat is extremely popular. The intricate detailing on the mat is truly appreciable, and vibrant colors instantly lift up your mood. 

The round tapestries in premium white or black print color on the mat are made by Indian craftsmen. 

Quite therapeutic and symbolic, this mandala relaxes and heals body and mind. Further, it stimulates creative and problem thinking. It comes in a pretty gift packaging, making it ready to give as a gift in a hassle-free manner. 

Not only for meditation, but it also serves as a perfect decorative item for your children’s bedroom or any house interior purpose. 

If you love boho prints with vibrant colors, this one is perfect for you. In a nutshell, this exquisite bohemian round tapestry is remarkably soothing and nourishing.

3. Meditation Bench- Acacia wood

Handmade from sustainable acacia wood, it is a solid meditation bench that is upholstered by professional furniture makers. It is a real piece of furniture that offers confidence when sitting on it for long periods. 

It is not foldable and therefore is firm and stable. Its rounded and angled pedestal legs are securely fastened. The cushioned seat adds more comfort. 

For people with joint conditions or injuries, it is an excellent fit for those people with reduced flexibility. The pedestal design allows foot and ankle placement that offers relaxation for extended meditation sessions.

However, it will enable only minute adjustments for perfect spine alignment. 

Suitable for small people who can slip out of angled meditation benches, this bench allows you to meditate for longer due to its improved physical posture and comfort. 

4. Seat of Your Soul 2019 Meditation Cushion 

Made with good quality materials, it features a solid build with heavy stitching. The removable cover is made from soft, durable, and sustainable GOTS-certified organic cotton and is completely machine-washable.

The cushion is firm enough to support your spine perfectly, thereby offering better posture and a longer meditation. 

No matter what size and shape you are, this cushion significantly improves your posture to let you meditate longer and deeper. Quite versatile, they are firm enough to be ideal for yoga practice or for welcome support during a, particularly challenging asana.

It comes in a wide range of sizes and even shapes so that you can find the perfect cushion for you. Highly durable and comfortable, this cushion is worth every penny of your money. 

5. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

Featuring a modern and round design, this meditation pillow is great for meditators and yogis of all skill levels and styles. It is designed by Los Angeles yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn. All-natural buckwheat hulls fill the Crystal Cove pillow, making it heavier, firm, and supportive.

The hulls are held by an inner liner, making it easy to remove and refill, thereby always keeping your pillow fresh. The organic cotton inner liner is GOTS-certified, which guarantees the best materials being used. 

Its removable outer stretch-knit cover is embroidered to lend an artful touch and is washable for easy care. The carry handle is sturdy enough to allow for easy transport. 

This pillow brings just enough height and support to your meditation practice so that you can achieve spiritual healing. 


We all know that the mind has a tendency to wander where it wills. Fortunately, with guided meditations, you don’t have to do it alone.

You can meditate and relax rather than worry about your technique or your form. Being guided into a state of deep meditation is pure bliss.

Meditation takes practice. Make it a regular habit to meditate at a certain time of day that you feel best.

If you are new to meditation, try guided meditations that will help you reap the full benefits of meditation practice. 

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