Meditation in Buddhism guide

Buddhism provides a fascinating framework through which to approach meditation.

It provides arguably the most secular way to look at it, with it being a way to introspect and learn more about yourself.

It is also the source of many ancient mantras that still inspire us today, and have pride of place in many of Mahakatha's albums.

We have a few posts that discuss meditation in Buddhism.


1. Why is meditation important in Buddhism?

What makes meditation such a potent tool for the mind, when looked through the lens of Buddhism. We discuss the significance of meditation in the Buddhist faith.


2. Buddhist chants and meanings

Buddhism is a rich source of powerful, beneficial mantras that invoke compassion in us. We briefly discuss 10 of our favorite Buddhist chants and their meanings.

Whenever we write a post on meditation, that has its roots in Buddhism, we'll be adding a link to that post on this page.

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FAQ about Mantras

We answered some of the important questions that
can help you get started with mantra meditation