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11 Best Breathwork Training Courses

Breathwork is a great way to take control of your life and manifest changes you’ve been wanting to make.

The most committed way you can dive into breathwork is by signing up for a course by one of many excellent Breathwork masters.

But this can be an overwhelming task for a beginner. So, we made a list of the best breathwork training courses, to cover all the bases.

Here, there’ll be courses right for you, no matter what inspired you to take up breathwork in the first place.

The best breathwork training courses

1. Alchemy of Breath Facilitation Certification

breath-facilitation-certification-best breathwork training courses

The people behind the course: The Alchemy of Breath organization

The Facilitation Certification can take a beginner or a regular Breathwork practitioner and train them into a Breathwork Facilitator certified by Alchemy of Breath.

The course finds out your biggest challenges and uses that to craft your identity as a facilitator.

You will be able to train your students to overcome the exact challenges that you were faced with.

This is because Alchemy of Breath believes there are hundreds of people out there, who face the same issues you do. Their job is to use your suffering for your good and that of others.

You start off by filling out an online application, after which you’ll talk to a certified facilitator for 30 minutes, before you are accepted.

2. BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System Training

breathwork-trauma-release-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Giten Tonkov

The BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System or BBTRS combines breathwork with bodywork disciplines like dance.

BBTRS does this to break your natural defenses to opening up and getting to a place where you get genuine emotional and physical stress release.

If you put in the work, you can get rid of all the bad social conditioning you’ve gone through over the course of your life.

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification program comes with daily BBTRS sessions, a training manual, and one mentoring call with an experienced practitioner.

You also get a copy of founder Giten Tonkov’s book on breathwork, Feel to Heal.

You can then choose to go for more advanced courses, till you become a certified trainer yourself.

3. Rebirthing Breathwork Foundation Diploma Course

rebirthing-breathwork-diploma-best breathwork training courses

The Rebirthing Breathwork Foundation diploma course is an online option that includes 150 hours of study, with tutoring support available.

The course is based on the Rebirthing school of breathwork, which believes that all of us carry around the trauma of the act of being born, and the trauma carried over from our history.

The Rebirthing Breathwork is to identify and remove this trauma through the rebirthing ritual.

The course is usually done at their centre in California, but an offline option is available now.

4. Alsu Kashapova Breathwork for Daily life

breathwork-for-daily-life-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Alsu Kashapova

Alsu Kashapova wants to take breathwork and make it as approachable as possible for you.

What she came up with was Breathwork for daily life. A course that makes Breathwork possible anywhere anytime.

The course trains you to fit in Breathwork into your busy life, by packaging it in a way that you can do it at work or while travelling.

She believes that this shorter version of breathwork is all you need to deal with stress. All it takes is a few minutes at a time.

Breathwork for daily life even takes away the need for a space or yoga mats or cushions.

You can enroll for the 8-step course now.

5. Gwen Dittmar Ultimate guide to Breathwork

ultimate-guide-to-breath-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Gwen Dittmar

Gwen Dittmar’s ultimate guide to breathwork is the most comprehensive breakdown on breathwork you can find.

The course is broken down into 16 lessons that start by explaining breathwork in detail, then on how to practice breathwork regularly for the purpose of beating stress.

The lesson also includes guided breathwork sessions to address anxiety & control, sadness & anger, self-love & intuition, fear, insomnia, and communication.

6. The Life Centre Breathwork and Pranayama

breathwork-and-pranayama-best breathwork training courses

The people behind the course: The Life Centre

The Breathwork and Pranayama course lasts 6 weeks, and is a designed in a way that a beginner can jump right in.

Pranayama means the study of breath. In practical terms, it means learning how to observe and control the breath.

Their training centres are based out of Notting Hill, UK. Unfortunately, there is no online option at the moment.

7. Jon Paul’s Breathwork Teacher Training

jon-paul-breathwork-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Jon Paul

Jon Paul’s team has designed a course to train breathwork teachers. They believe that breathwork is a powerful tool, and they want to get a headstart on training the best people to carry on their learnings.

There are online classes, and physical classes in the city of Los Angeles.

The philosophy of this class is that there are no healers, you are the only one who can heal yourself.

The class helps you achieve that and teaches you how to pass on this same thinking.

8. Global Breathing Awareness Breath and Life Mastery Level-1

global-breathing-awareness-best breathwork training courses

The people behind the course: Global Breathing Awareness

Learn to master your own power. From birth trauma, to personal lie, to belief systems, you will get to really know yourself and manifest all the changes you want to experience.

Each module includes Rebirthing Sessions and Creative Exercises that take you deep within yourself to help you discover your deepest truths.

These classes are based on the Rebirthing style of breathwork, an intense variation which believes we all carry around the trauma from the act of being born.

9. Breath Mastery fundamentals

breathwork-mastery-fundamentals-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Dan Brule

Dan Brule is a hugely popular breathwork teacher that trains celebrities like Tony Robbins.

The philosophy of his teachings is that we all go through change, and this change can be a bit much.

He believes you need breathwork to deal with this constant change.

His course asks you to submit 1% of your daily breaths to empower yourself to face the day, roughly 2000 breaths.

The course is split into 25 modules, which comes to about 9 hours of online study.

10. Breathworks Teacher Training Program

breathworks-teacher-training-best breathwork training courses

The people behind the course: Breathworks

The Breathworks foundation has come up with a practice-based approach to training you into a breathwork teacher.

This certification is accredited by the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

It can be done online. There are 2 options available to you: Mindfulness for Health, for chronic pain and long-term health conditions, and Mindfulness for Stress, for stress, anxiety, and mental unrest.

11. Pushing Beauty's Grounded Soul

grounded-soul-best breathwork training courses

The person behind the course: Michelle D’Avella

Pushing Beauty’s 4-month Grounded soul program is equal parts breathwork training and life coaching.

Michelle discovered breathwork during a tough phase in her life. This practice helped her overcome her personal stuff.

Now she’s come up with a course that can do exactly that for you. She does this through online training, counseling, spiritual retreats, and guided breathwork.

The Best Mantra Music for your Breathwork

Now that you’re on the path of breathwork, you should also know that music plays a huge part in the experience.

This is where our expertise lies, and we thought we should give you a few recommendations as to what music you can play during a breathwork session.

1. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra

nirvana-shatakam-best breathwork training courses

Nirvana Shatakam is a mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, or the eternal consciousness.

It is a great mantra to destroy your ego, which is very useful in a breathwork setting.

Give it a listen here, before grabbing your own copy.

2. Sudarshana Ashtakam Mantra

Sudarshana Ashtakam is a Hindu prayer to Lord Sudarshana.

It is widely popular because of the healing benefits listeners have felt. It should be played during breathwork, if you want to combat any illness.

You can listen to it for free here, and grab a copy if it's right for you.

3. Tayata Om Mantra

Tayata Om Mantra is a Buddhist Mantra. It asks the great Buddha to move you past the influences of pain and suffering.

You can find true liberation, only when you have moved past your reactions to your challenges.

Listen to our version here. If you like it, consider getting a copy of the mantra.

Last word

That’s it for the list of our favorite courses on Breathwork.

Most of them are aimed at beginners looking to come in, learn about breathwork, and come out with a solid routine you can follow.

We’ve also included some courses that’ll train you to become a teacher in your own right.

But if courses are too much of a commitment for you right now, try our list of guided meditations instead.

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